Complete Bug Bounties

White Hat is a medium-weight Euro game focused on worker placement and action selection. As teams of hackers at work, players will manage resources and build production engines to gain materials, upgrade their machines, and work toward meeting table-wide hacking goals. End-of-game scoring cards mean no game is ever the same and every player has a unique goal to work toward

About White Hat

White Hat is an action selection, worker placement, and set collection style game where each player leads a team of hackers trying to find vulnerabilities in major corporations’ networks. Players race against each other, as well as the nefarious Black Hat, to collect bug bounties hoping to earn the most BitCubes to win the game.

These are not your Hollywood hackers. Real hacking is done heads down at a computer, writing code, building applications to aid research, and maintaining computer hardware. White Hat does its best to simulate the real world of hacking and computer development in a way that anyone can understand and play, without having to know the intricacies of computer hacking.

White hats are hackers that aren’t malicious in their hacking. If they find vulnerabilities in someone’s code, they report it, often doing so for monetary rewards, rather than exploiting it to do damage. Black hats, by comparison, exploit vulnerabilities maliciously and use them for personal gain. The term comes from old wild west movies where the heroes wear white hats, and the villains wear black.


  • 6 player boards
  • 1 vulnerability board
  • 1 application offer board
  • 6 player screens
  • 24 CPU tokens
  • 48 memory tokens
  • 12 GPU tokens
  • 36 StarBits Coffee tokens
  • 12 end game scoring cards
  • 60 application cards
  • 15 black hat cards
  • 100 vulnerability cards
  • 1 first player token
  • 1 score sheet
  • 36 meeples
    • 6 Red
    • 6 Blue
    • 6 Purple
    • 6 Green
    • 6 Yellow
    • 6 White
  • 225 cubes
    • 50 clear cubes – Written code
    • 50 large clear cubes – Written code x5
    • 50 yellow cubes – BTC
    • 50 large yellow cubes – BTC x5
    • 125 application cubes
      • 25 Red
      • 25 Blue
      • 25 Purple
      • 25 Green
      • 25 Pink

Also designed by Mattie Schraeder